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When you're shopping for a new Chevrolet vehicle or used car, truck or SUV in Oklahoma City, there can be so many things to think about. Of course, you'll have to decide which model might be best, but then, you'll also have to figure out how to pay for it. At Hudiburg Chevrolet, we recognize that while the prospect of getting a new vehicle can be exhilarating, it can be a bit overwhelming as well. That's why we work so hard to make things as stress-free as possible for our customers near Edmond and Norman, OK. We're always happy to answer questions, provide additional information, and walk people through their options. Feel free to reach out to our finance team if you'd like to learn more about the avenues you can take to getting a vehicle.

Should I Buy a New Chevy or a Used Car?

Some things to think about are whether you'd like to go with a used or new model, whether you'd like to lease or purchase, and if you could benefit from financing. The first decision in regards to used or new could be a tough one to make. Of course, we all love that "new car" smell, and there's something amazing about having a vehicle with the latest technology. We want to let you know that our used vehicles, in many ways, feel just like new Chevrolet models, and they could also have advanced infotainment systems and safety packages. You can definitely buy a used vehicle from our dealership with confidence.

Is Leasing Better Than a Car Loan?

Leasing may make sense if you only want to drive a certain vehicle for a limited amount of time. Drivers can discuss the exact terms of a lease, but in general, monthly lease payments are relatively affordable. Once your lease is up, you can start shopping for a new vehicle again. Some customers really enjoy moving onto new vehicles every few years.

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Whether you choose to purchase one of our new Chevy vehicles or one of our used cars, trucks or SUVs in Oklahoma City, we can help you make this more feasible. With financing, you won't have to pay the entire sum upfront. Instead, you'll be responsible for monthly payments, and when you've paid everything off, your vehicle will be an important asset.

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